Environmental Management and Pollution Control is a major issue to all. GREENSHIFT TECHNOLOGIES India as one of the leading dust suppression provider in India felt that there is a need for EFFICIENT POLLUTION CONTROL SYSTEMS which can meet the dust generation & dust control at open stock piles, conveyor transfer points, Wagon Tippler, Truck Tippler, Dump hopper loading points and other such dust generating locations in a bulk material handling plant.

To combat with such Dust generation problem GREENSHIFT TECHNOLOGIES has developed advanced technology as dust suppression system provider in India for executing tailor made Dust Suppression Systems after analyzing the application and behavior of dust particles .GREENSHIFT TECHNOLOGIES designed Dust Suppression System suppresses dust at source before it becomes air borne and controls dust instead of collecting it.

The system is tailor made to produce an enclosure of Fog that agglomerates the dust particles with the water droplets so that the particles becomes heavy enough to be returned to the product stream by gravity thus avoiding material getting air borne and wastage of material. This system also eliminates the need for any secondary handling of collected material.

In a typical plant with a number of conveyors and transfer points, each transfer point should be treated for effective dust suppression.

GREENSHIFT TECHNOLOGIES as one of the prestigious dust suppression system provider in India also provides a diversified & wide range of Sprinklers which are used for all types of exposed and open dust generation areas i.e stockpiles, haul road, railway siding etc

Dust Suppression Systems and irrigation watering systems offered by GREENSHIFT TECHNOLOGIES are all purely tailor made i.e as per client's actual requirement at the same time well within client’s budget